18/05/2020. El Rancaguino.

The first electric share taxi for underground mining began the testing phase in El Teniente. The 100 percent retrofitted machine in Rancagua was inspected by the regional director of Sernageomín.


27/12/2019. TVN Interview.

Interview with Ricardo Repenning, Co-founder and Technology Manager of Reborn Electric. It gives an account of the company's current plans and corporate vision.


05/12/2019. Avonni 2019 winner.


Adjudication of the Avonni award in the category of Energy Electric Companies.
Reborn Electric: transformation to new energies


Retrofit diesel buses to electric

26/07/2019. Voces de la gran ciudad, Radio Pauta.

Gabriela Hormaechea interviewed Ricardo Repenning to learn more about the history of the company, the challenges that have had to be overcome, and to talk about electromobility in Chile.

Retrofit diesel buses to electric

08/05/2018. Generadores de Chile news.


The seminar "A more electric, efficient and sustainable Chile" was held with high attendance, including Minister Gloria Hutt, 6 national electrification cases were presented, among which our own Ricardo Repenning presented

Reborn Electric Motive

08/05/2018. Note frome CNN Chile.

Transantiago diesel buses can be retrofitted to 100% electric, giving a second life to this means of transport, at a lower cost. Reborn Electric performs electrification

Electromobility in Chile

08/05/2018. Publimetro news.

Electromobility is relevant today. The advantages of our country being one of electric mobility are vast, where the solution benefits both the environment and the population.

Santiago's first electric corridor

08/05/2018. Radio ADN news.


The first bus electric corridor is expected to be installed on Grecia avenue. Transantiago expects to start operating 120 electric buses along this route.

Noise pollution

07/05/18. Mega news.

70% of noise pollution can be attributed to public transport. Electrification of a bus can make the experience of using buses a pleasant one

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